Second Sunday of Easter

Theme: Resurrected Christ, Delivers Us From Fear

First Reading:  Acts 5: 27 – 32

Psalm Reading: Psalm 118

Second Reading: Revelation 1: 4 – 8

Gospel Reading: John 20:19 – 31

Homily by Fr. Andy Illustre

First part: Peace

The disciples were gathered together- locked inside a room because of the fear that they felt.  This is why when  the Risen Christ appeared to them, He proclaimed peace to them. He is the perfect One to give peace because Jesus is the Prince of Peace

*Peace = Be still (Psalm 46: 10)

Let us not forget that God has come to us and that He’s a very present help in times of trouble. Sometimes, we would rather focus on the problems, but Ps. 46:10 reminds us to be still. We can be still because whenever we are in a difficult situation, He comes to us, revealing Himself.

Second Part: Thomas the Doubtful

We also have our own kinds of doubt, like Thomas who doubted Jesus’ resurrection. Jesus showed Himself to us. Every time that we come to His church, Jesus comes to us again and again by us partaking His word. His word is what we believe and through it, we see life. Sunday is always Easter because He reveals His life through His word.

Homily Recap by Riana Chelle Montero

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