Third Sunday of Easter April 14, 2024

Theme: “Go and Proclaim: God’s Word will open our eyes to the Resurrection of Christ!”

First Proclamation: Acts 3:12-19

Responsorial Psalm: Psalm 4

Second Proclamation: 1 John 3:1-5

Gospel Proclamation: Luke 24:36b -48

Homily by +Bp. Raymundo Abogatal Jr.

We are Witnesses of His Resurrection!

In this Sunday Homily at Saint Michael Kalibo, +Bp. Raymundo reminded us that we are called to be witnesses of Jesus’ resurrection. The Gospel teaches us the reality of His resurrection and we can be true witnesses when we participate in it.

Unfortunately, there are people who neglect the Good News- they are absent in church activities and do not participate in the Eucharist. There are also people who follow Jesus and His teachings faithfully. These people actively participate in the Eucharist and attend other activities in the church. Then there are those who are like Christ’s 12 disciples who have a close relationship with Jesus and are always nourished by His word.

We are born with a purpose, and one of which is to be witnesses of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Let us firmly believe His Word, that He is Risen, and that we are one with God.

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