“Go and Proclaim: Jesus Revealed the Love of God to His People”

First Reading: Isaiah 61: 10 – 62: 3

Responsorial Psalm: Psalm 148

Second Reading: Galatians 4: 4-7

Gospel Reading: Luke 2: 22-32

Homily by Fr. Romie- Jun Peñalosa

In this Sunday Mass Homily in Saint Michael Kalibo, Fr. Romie- Jun reminded us that Christmas is about family, and family and mission is connected to each other. If we are going to do mission work, we will do it as a family, just like how the disciples were sent out two by two.

In the Old Testament reading, we are told about how God clothes us with salvation. God has done so much goodness in our life and we need to express the joy that we attain in His love for us. That is expressed by doing our mission – telling everyone about this goodness and where to find the bread of life. The New Testament reading tells us that we Christians are adopted children of God. His natural Child (Jesus) and us His adopted children are treated equally by God the Father. Hence, we are called co- heirs of Christ.

The Gospel Reading reveals to us paths that families must take. We should learn how to consecrate ourselves to God. Fr. Romie- Jun emphasized three ways on how we could consecrate our families to God according to the Gospel.

First, we should learn and obey His commandments as a family. God’s commandments are His expressions of love for us. If we obey His commands, it would bring righteousness and which would then attract blessings in our lives. Cultivate love for your family. As Mother Theresa said, “if you want to be happy, go home to your family and love them”. If you want to be happy, learn how to love by learning to cultivate obedience in our hearts.

Second, we should listen to the prophetic voices around us. In the Gospel, Simeon has been longing to see the Messiah because the Messiah will bring joy to the nation Israel, and the prophecy said that he will not die until he sees the Messiah. Simeon is a Hebrew word that means “to listen”. Simeon heard the prophecy through listening. We also should listed to God in silence. God speaks to us in a way that we ourselves could only understand. He speaks differently to each and everyone of us and we should be sensitive as we continue our relationship with God in order for us to hear what He says.

Lastly, we should stay together as a family. God the Father put Jesus in a family for Him to learn obedience and to stay with God together as a family. We should stay and pray together as a family. When we fellowship with our families by eating meals together, a covenant happens. Loyalty and allegiance to each other is strengthened in the dining table that serves as the family altar of every families.

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