“Go and Proclaim: In His coming, we have the fullness of Joy”

First Reading: Isaiah 61: 1-4; 10- 11

Responsorial Psalm: Psalm 126

Second Reading: 1 Thessalonians 5: 16- 24

Gospel Proclamation: John 1: 6-8, 19-28

Homily by Fr. Romie- Jun Peñalosa

December 17, 2023



We celebrate “Gaudete Sunday” today, this is a Latin expression of “rejoicing” in the Lord as we anticipate His coming. For the Lord said He will come again; we prepare, we wait, and we rejoice knowing the Word made flesh will live with us in eternity.

Todays’ scripture readings tell us about the fulfillment of prophet Isaiah’s prophesy about John the Baptist and John showing us the fulfillment of God’s promise through Jesus Christ. Jesus was the Word; John was the voice. The problem with today’s society is that there are so many voices. They become noise in our heads and oftentimes we hear them not realizing they don’t contain the Word. “Any voice you hear that does not have the Word will only bring stress and anxiety.” (Fr. Jun)

As we lit the first advent candle symbolizing “hope”, we are reminded that our hope should always rest in the word of God. We should not rest it on the things or circumstances around us. Money cannot guarantee a bright future. Good health may deteriorate by tomorrow. Friends today may not be there on the next days. So this advent, let us continue and make sure that our hope rests in Christ.

The second candle symbolized “faith”, and it should always be anchored in Jesus Christ. Two thousand years ago, He paid everything for our life so that we can live it fully. All we need to do is claim it with confidence and remain anchored to Him. Listening to the word is the key to salvation. When we listen, it brings hope to us and develops our faith.

Having hope and faith anchored in Christ then brings us salvation which brings also the “joy” (third candle) in our life. Salvation is a package given by God. From healing, to deliverance, to prosperity…everything!  And the knowledge of what Christ has done for us leads us to be joyful. Joy is not a feeling; it is a state of mind knowing everything is going to be alright. We might not know exactly and we might not understand fully how it might go or how it might happen, but we have the confidence for His word guarantees it.

Advent is a season of evaluation. If we don’t evaluate ourselves we might end of ruining our life. Let us take this time to be reflective. Where is my hope and faith anchored? Do I really hear God’s word? How do I respond to the circumstances around me? Is it by faith?

Lastly, Fr. Jun reminded us of St. Augustine’s words on how we should focus or look at God’s words. First, Listen. Be silent before God. Be quiet and listen to what He says in your mind, in your heart. Second, have humble thoughts before God. No loftiness, no pride, no selfishness, just total surrender.

Christmas is not having so much things in our life. Christmas is having the hope that our life and our future is in the hands of Christ.



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