The Cathedral Church of St. Michael (CCSM) started as a small bible study group way back in 1982 that later grew into a charismatic congregation named Army of the Lord Christ Life Fellowship (ALCLF). In 1996, the Church was received into full communion with the International Communion of the Charismatic Episcopal Church (ICCEC), embracing apostolic teachings and Catholic practices. The church in Kalibo was among the first that braved the storms of persecutions against the opposing current of the liturgical stream of the convergence movement.

In its early charismatic days, the church had its office at the Liberty Theater, an old movie house which was rented by the congregation for more than a decade. CCSM moved into the Sayon building in 2000. Despite the big boulders, lack of sturdy laborers and equipment, and above all, the big budgetary requirements, the church rose to the challenge. With great faith, the people transformed the old warehouse into an excellent place for worship. Today, this sanctuary showcases the active faith of the church in Kalibo and proudly displays the faithfulness of God to His people.