13th Sunday of Ordinary Time July 2, 2023

Theme: “Go and Proclaim: The Cost of Following Jesus”

First Reading: Jeremiah 28:5-9, 15-17

Responsorial Psalm: Psalm 89:1-3,19-21,36-37

Second Reading: Romans 6:16-23

Gospel Reading: Matthew 10:37-42

In this Sunday Mass Homily at Saint Michael Kalibo, Fr. Romie- Jun reminds us that Christian life is not a convenient life. People nowadays don’t want challenges because people settle for convenience, in such way that we also want our Christian life convenient. True Christianity is attained by becoming Christ’s disciple and by making Christ the center of your life. It is not easy, convenient, nor comfortable. But what does it mean? Christian life is not boring unless you live true Christianity. If you take on the challenge, our life would become an adventure.

The Gospel teaches us three things. First, to love God above our parents. Loving our parents is an intense form of love. But it should not be above our love for God. Secondly, we should take our own cross. We should carry our cross with patience. Jesus bore the cross together with our sicknesses and our poverty. If we are going to be His disciples, we ought to seek our cross by helping others to overcome their burdens. And lastly, to not love your life more than anything else. Anything that you will find for yourself, eventually, we will lose it. But if we decide to surrender it to Jesus, it will multiply. The only thing we can keep eternally is the one we share with others.

Live life in such way that we are willing to give it away. Our blessings are meant to be shared to others because we are blessed to be a blessing. It is God who will fill us with blessings. Be the Jesus in this world.

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