"This is
Our Joy"

Man’s perspective on the world greatly differs from that of God’s. It is in man’s nature to believe that things are meant to continue the way that it has been throughout its own history. However, God made the world in such a way that things are constantly changing from one thing to another. Things in God’s view are meant to change and fade in its perfect time.


Jesus was and is the manifestation of life itself who could be seen, heard, and touched. He was the one who paid for the sins of the world—and carried out the single most significant moment in history, far greater than anything this world has ever seen or would ever see again. Jesus succeeded in carrying out that task and the whole world rejoiced while our enemy sulked defeated. In his defeat, Satan tries to spread lies and deceit to keep us away from God. Our adversary claims that everything in this world is more important than the salvation of God. And for as long as we walk this earth, Satan will always try his best to convince us that what he is saying is indeed true. In fact, our enemy would’ve been correct if Jesus remained laying in the tomb—but He did not. Jesus rose from the grave and changed the entire course of all our lives. We would’ve died to pay for our sins but we will not because of Jesus’ resurrection.


This is our joy. Our joy stems from the suffering and rising back to life of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is by His resurrection that the chains that bound us to poverty, sickness, and every other malignant force on Earth has been broken. We are redeemed and given liberty because Christ died and rose again. However, this does not mean that we are going to live an easy life. As the author has established earlier on in this editorial, Satan will not stop convincing us that a life without God is better. The enemy will purposely mess with us to prove his point. What this means for us is that our lives will be far from easy. As a matter of fact, Satan will drive us to our breaking point in order for us to finally agree with him that we are better off without God.            But praise be to God and His rising again from the grave because He has given us His joy and strength to withstand the enemy.


            The venerable Bishop Fulton Sheen once wrote:


“Our blessed Lord does not speak of sorrow being exchanged for joy but of its being        transformed so that the grief becomes a joy. Our present groaning are creating within us a larger capacity for joy hereafter.”


In this excerpt, we now have an idea of what the Joy of Christ’s resurrection does to us and what it will continue to do. It will not magically erase our worries and sorrows nor will it solve all of our problems but what it will do is prepare us for the blessings that God has in store for us for overcoming every trial we face. We have yet to see what God has in store for us but until then this author encourages all of you dear readers to overcome every trial coming your way and remain steadfast in the joy of our Saviour’s resurrection.