A Reason to Rejoice

by Rachel Mirasol

It takes faith to trust Him, but it is faith that pleases Him (Hebrews 11:6) In the midst of this pandemic, it is so easy to begin to despair. How can we survive? We wonder what would happen. Businesses are closing due to financial constraints. People are running out of jobs. We are all hidden behind closed doors, praying that we will be spared from the harm brought by this pandemic.


During the difficult times that many of us are now facing, my family took the stand to put on the full armor of God and brave every challenge set before us. We asked for His guidance. Together as a family, we prayed and surrendered everything to Him. Indeed, the Lord listens. Our bakery business branched out in the midst of pandemic where the world tells us that we will not prosper. And having new branches meant having new jobs. God gave us the ability to help during the time that we needed help. We are truly blessed to be a blessing! Truly, God is completely trustworthy in all that He does, no matter what it may seem in the moment. The truth is that even though there is darkness in many areas, the light of Jesus Christ shines brighter than the darkest day.


Life has hardships and pains. Businesses has its ups and downs. But in every decisions we make we take it to the council room of God so that He would lead us on the path of God’s will.  It is very important to trust Him. So that with it, we will also rise with Him in His resurrection.



The passion of Christ, did not stop at death on the cross. He died so that we may live. That Jesus Christ died for us and resurrected gives us the hope that through Him, we can overcome all things. A reason to rejoice in Christ’s resurrection.