February 14, 2021, 6th Sunday of Epiphany

Theme Living In Christ: Shining in His Glory

Homily by Fr. Romie Jun Peñalosa

Old Testament Proclamation: 2 Kings 2:1- 11

Responsorial Psalm : Psalm 50: 1-6

New Testament Proclamation: 2 Corinthians 4:3-6

Gospel Proclamation: Mark 9: 2-9

Today is the last Sunday—the culmination of the Season of Epiphany. In Christmas, we celebrate Christ as Emmanuel, “God with us” the God Who is close to us. In Epiphany, that same God who is with us is manifested to us; made Himself known to us; the God Who did not hide from us.

Fr. Jun told us that as we come with the culmination of the season, we see that:

Whatever Christ would manifest, would reveal Himself to us; whatever that revelation is, He meant to share to us.

The same anointing that Christ received from the Holy Spirit is the same anointing He shared to us.

The wisdom of God which is superior to men is also shared to us—for we have the Mind of Christ.

He also manifested His power and authority and that manifestation of His power and authority are also shared with us.

Christ came to us, so that we can share and be partakers of His Divine nature. He is not insecure to share His glory and His Divine nature with us.

In the Kingdom of God, we are heirs and joint heirs with Christ. For what He inherits from the Father, we also inherit. He shares everything with us. He even shares His glory with us, He met the church to shine in the Glory of Christ.

As Jesus Christ shares everything with us as a church, our light is also used by God to bring our brethren to Christ. We are the star, the light of Christ that shines in the world and serves as guide for our brothers and sisters to come to Him.

We can share in that glory of Christ through the following:

  1. “The need to be set apart.” Christ will set us apart, but we must also bring ourselves to be with Christ. We go deeper in our hearts. We are set apart, but we must have the passion and the effort to be with Christ.

“Glory is related to passion. There is no glory without suffering or without passion as what Fr. Nonoy said”. We must be willing to take and carry the cross and make sacrifices for it leads us to the glory of God.

2. We have to listen to Him.” Christ is willing to share the glory with us, to be manifested also in us but we must listen to Him. We must learn to listen to what God instructs or directs us. A very important thing to do so that we can truly manifest His glory in the world—to listen to Him.

We as His people, as His heirs and joint heirs with Christ need to manifest the glory of God in the world and we can do that if we set apart ourselves to Christ—set apart time to be with Him. Let us intensify our prayer life. “The more we intensify our prayer life or time, the more we manifest the glory of God in our lives. Let us practice the art of listening. As we move to the season of Lent, let us fast not just on food but also cutdown the talking and let us add more to our listening. Let us talk less to God in prayer and listen more to Him—spend quiet time with the Lord.”

If we can do this, we can begin to manifest same glory that we have seen in Christ.

Homily Recap by John Carlo V. Roberto

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