Exploring the Charismatic Episcopal Church: An Interview with the Bishops – Part 1

Are you interested in learning more about the Charismatic Episcopal Church (CEC)? In this interview, we sit down with the bishops of the CEC to discuss the beliefs, practices, and history of this unique denomination.

The CEC is a Christian denomination that combines elements of the evangelical, charismatic, and sacramental traditions. Founded in 1992, the CEC has grown rapidly and has congregations around the world.

In the interview, the bishops discuss the origins of the CEC and its distinctives. They explain how the church emphasizes the power of the Holy Spirit in worship and ministry, and how it seeks to embody the unity of the Church through its commitment to the ancient creeds and sacraments.

The bishops also discuss the role of bishops in the CEC and how they work together to provide leadership and oversight to the denomination. They describe how the CEC is organized, with regional bishops overseeing local congregations and national synods providing a forum for decision-making and collaboration.

Throughout the interview, the bishops emphasize the importance of prayer, worship, and fellowship in the life of the CEC. They describe how the church seeks to cultivate a deep and vibrant spirituality that is grounded in the Word of God and focused on the mission of Christ.

If you are curious about the CEC and want to learn more, this interview is an excellent place to start. Part 1 of the interview provides a comprehensive introduction to the CEC, its beliefs, and its practices. Be sure to watch the video and discover the rich spiritual heritage of the Charismatic Episcopal Church.

Bishop Ricardo preaching on a Wednesday fellowship

We Love You Bishop Dick!

Listen to His previous Videos, Sermons, and Teachings:

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Primate: “How are you today?”
People: “Blessed to be a blessing!”

This was how he would start his teachings. It was a confession that the Church got used to over the years. As the Church confessed it, the Church lived by it.

Indeed, Archbishop Ricardo Alcaraz lived a blessed life of surrender and obedience to our Almighty God. He was a picture of a new creation walking as a faithful servant of God, shepherd of the Church, and a loving husband and father to his family. 

Our physical hearts may deeply mourn his passing but our spirits rejoice for He now enjoys eternal life with the Father, whom he truly loves and adores. 

“Rise up Church for my glory will be seen in the world today through my people. My people who would empty themselves so they can be filled with more of me. Have I not said, you must decrease, I must increase?” – excerpt from Abp. Alcaraz last prophecy on September 6, 2020.

The Cathedral Church of St. Michael will continue to live by your teachings. Thank you for sharing with us 37 years of your life! You do not just preach the Word but you live by the Word. No compromise, only pure humility and submission. 

Archbishop Ricardo Alcaraz 60th Birthday


You have touched us in so many ways and you will forever be in our hearts our beloved Primate, Bishop, Pastor, leader and friend.

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