The Life-Changing Devotion of Saint Francis’ Prayer

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Saint Francis of Assisi was a well-known Christian saint who lived in the 12th century. His dedication to poverty, humility, and simplicity in his way of life was an inspiration to many Christians worldwide. Francis devoted his life to prayer and contemplation, and the fruits of his devotion are evident in his writings, including the famous peace prayer attributed to him. This article will explore the life-changing devotion of Saint Francis’ prayer and how it can impact our lives.

The Prayer of Saint Francis

Saint Francis’ prayer is one of the most popular and well-known prayers in the world. It has been recited by Christians of all denominations and has been attributed to Francis, who is said to have composed it during the 13th century. The prayer has been translated into many languages and is beloved for its simplicity and profound message of peace and service.

The Meaning of the Prayer

The prayer of Saint Francis begins with a plea for us to become instruments of peace, to bring light where there is darkness, love where there is hate, and pardon where there is injury. The prayer calls us to be selfless and to put others above ourselves, asking us to seek first to understand rather than to be understood.

The prayer guides us to be compassionate and kind to those around us, to offer hope when all seems hopeless, and to bring joy to those who are sorrowful. In essence, the prayer of Saint Francis encourages us to be Christ-like in our actions and attitudes.

The Life-Changing Devotion of the Prayer

The prayer of Saint Francis is a powerful tool for bringing peace and comfort to our lives. It teaches us to seek first the good of others, to become selfless and humble, to be a light in the darkness, and to spread love, joy, and peace wherever we go.

When we recite this prayer with sincerity and devotion, we open our hearts to God’s love, wisdom, and guidance. The prayer acts as a mirror, reflecting back to us our natural inclinations towards hostility, greed, and selfishness. The prayer gently invites us to repent and turn towards a life of humility, compassion, and service.

The Transformative Power of the Prayer

The transformative power of the prayer of Saint Francis is evident in the lives of countless Christians throughout the ages. Francis himself was transformed by his devotion to God, his service to the poor and needy, and his commitment to simplicity and humility. Since then, many Christians have been moved to follow in Francis’ footsteps, striving to embody the virtues of peace, love, and service.

The prayer of Saint Francis has the power to transform our hearts and minds, giving us a new perspective on life, and inspiring us to become better versions of ourselves. Daily recitation of the prayer brings peace and calmness to our souls, making us more patient, kind, and understanding individuals.


Fi, the life-changing devotion of Saint Francis’ prayer is evident in its message of peace, humility, and service. The prayer challenges us to become instruments of peace, offering hope and comfort to those around us. When we recite the prayer with sincerity and devotion, we invite God’s love and guidance into our lives, transforming us into more compassionate, kind, and humble people.

Let us then pray the prayer of Saint Francis every day, allowing its life-changing power to transform us into better people, true followers of Christ, and servants of all.

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