Standing Firm In Faithful Obedience

27th Sunday in Ordinary Time- October 2, 2022

First Reading: Habakkuk 1:12-17

Responsorial Psalm 37:1-18

Second Reading: 2 Timothy 1:1-10

Gospel Reading: Luke 17:5-10

Father Jun started his homily today with a commendation to all the workers and parishioners of the church for a job well done during the month-long celebration of the church 40 years journey with the Lord. We all did well and naturally, we feel good with all the efforts we’ve put in; but he reminded us to be ready to get back back now to reality, that we need to move forward and continue the tasks God has entrusted to us. The load is too heavy and the roads might be too rough to bear; but today must be the starting point of another fruitful forty years.


The ceremony of symbolic “passing on” of different ministry heads to the younger generation during our Gala Night celebration signifies that great responsibilities await them. We, the older ones, also have a great  to educate, to nurture, and to train them. For what they will be in the future depends on the kind of seed we plant on them.


Our gospel today talks about faith. The apostles have been asking Jesus how to increase their faith.  We should also be asking this from God. For the next forty years, we could never fulfill what He has given to us unless we have faith. We can find comfort in Jesus’ answer to His disciples, “If you have faith as a mustard seed…” meaning, what we have right now is more than enough already to act upon. God has given us a measure of faith. It is not how big or how small our faith is; it’s the quality of faith God has given to us. We have been given the faith of Jesus, that faith which made Him overcome all the problems He faced, even the cross! And that is the kind of faith we need today. All we need to do is plant it; act upon it today, because the secret in faith increasing is action.


What action shall we do then? Obedience! Keep obeying the Lord. The little things we do every day for the Lord allow us to plant the seed of faith in our heart. We activate faith that can do the impossible once we choose to obey God. And as a servant of God, we ought to obey. A good servant is a picture of obedience. We are not in control of our life, of the circumstances around, we only need to set in our mind and hearts to obey God because in life, the only test God has given us is obedience.


The next forty years of our journey as a church might not be a bed of roses. We are uncertain of the circumstances that might happen. But having that servant-like attitude of being obedient will allow us to be mature in the Lord. We are designed to mature and bear fruits as Christians. Maturity comes when we learn to do what we need to do, even if we don’t like it. And obedience allows us to grow in maturity, to begin to bear fruits in our life, to increase our faith, and to overcome the next 40 years as a church. As a people of God, Father Jun encourages us “to begin our new journey; to cultivate obedience in our hearts, decide once and for all that as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” Let us start teaching our children and eventually pass on to them the legacy of faith, the legacy of obedience. Primate Dick once said, “We will not just survive, but we will thrive in the midst of difficult circumstances.”


As Apostle Paul told to Timothy…”stir up the gifts that are within you” we need also to stir our gifts. And what is our gift? Our calling as a community, as a church. Let us remain faithful in obedience to the One and Only God we serve.


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