November 15, 2020, 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time
Theme: “We Proclaim Productivity!”
Homily by Fr. Romie-Jun Penalosa

Old Testament Proclamation: Zephaniah 1: 7, 12-18
Responsorial Psalm : Psalm 90: 2-12
New Testament Proclamation: 1 Thessalonians 5: 2-6
Gospel Proclamation: Matthew 25: 14; 19-29

The Gospel talks about God’s dominion over the earth and its fullness and Him entrusting His property to us. Likewise, in the Parable of Talents, the Master gave to each servant talents “…in proportion to their abilities.

“Each wealth given to the three servants was meant to produce more for the Master and not just return the exact same amount without producing fruits (by investing and generating a return).

The reason why the 3rd servant hid the talent given to him was because he knew the Master to be a hard man. But, this servant didn’t personally know how good his Master was and that’s why he said, “I was afraid I would lose your money, so I hid it in the earth.

“One of the things that hinders us from producing is fear. Fear will paralyze a person. And in the parable, fear hindered the one-talent servant to be fruitful. He was afraid to take risks. If you are able to maximize the “talent/s” given to you, you can go through life fully equipped and set to win. God said to Adam take dominion over all things.

The more we are productive, the more we take dominion over things.Each of us will give an account of himself (up to the last bit) to the Great Accountant on the last day.

“Remember the Lord your God. He is the one who gives you power to be successful, in order to fulfill the covenant he confirmed to your ancestors with an oath.” – Deuteronomy 8:18 NLTDo not go through life thinking that you are empty.

You have to find a way to activate the great power that has been given to you. God has given you tremendous amounts of ability. And what makes us fearful, not take risks, and venture out is the fact that we don’t really know God. If we are going to be productive people in the place that God has placed us, we must know him intimately well.

Take dominion over poverty and over sicknesses because God has already equipped us. Let us use the authority that He has given us. And how will we know that God has already equipped us and given us the authority? By spending time listening to His Word; attending the Holy Mass, reading the Bible and praying.

We have all the time to produce what we need to produce.How well do you know God in your life?

There are people who know about God but don’t really know Him personally. Take the time to slow down and pause for a while to listen to Him so that you’ll know Him well.

Homily Recap by Faith Esto (CCSM)

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