Go and Proclaim: “The LORD given talent: Use it or lose it”

First Reading: Zephaniah 1:7,12-18

Responsorial Psalm: Psalm 90:2-4; 5-7; 9-11

Second Reading: 1 Thessalonians 5:2-6

Gospel Reading: Matthew 25:14, 19-30

Homily by Fr. Romie-Jun Peñalosa

Today’s Sunday homily touches on Escatology – or the part of theology that talks about the End Times. Today’s Sunday message teaches us how to live so the end times will be a joyful time for us.

The first reading tells us that God will punish complacency. The blessings of God in our life should make us productive. If you are not being fruitful, you are complacent. Complacency is a choice. Meanwhile, the second reading reminds us that we are children of light so we will be alert when He comes.

In the Gospel, we see that despite having many servants the master only chose 3 to give talents to. Talents were given according to their ability. God does not give us the same things but He will always give us something. God does not give us the same things but He will always give us something. In fact, everything we have is a gift from God.

The three were chosen because of their ability. They were entrusted with the talents for them to manifest their talents and capabilities. They received these for them to spend using their God-given ability – short of saying “I can multiply what You have given me.”

You must remember that you have a potential to be productive and fruitful. If we want to be productive, we gave to know the Lord first. The third servant did not know his master. When you know your God – generous, kind, and loving, you will do many things for God. Prayer allows you to know Christ. The people who know their God will be strong and do great exploits.

Here’s some tips from Jesus Christ and the Eucharist on how we can be faithful.

  1. “Take” – Receive what God gives you
  2. “Give Thanks” – Value what you have been given
  3. “Break It” – Use your creativity to make something out of it
  4. “Give it away” – Share your blessings

Make the best out of what you have. Use wisely what has been  given. Don’t despise small things. Count your blessings and and learn to value them.

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