June 26, 2016 – 13th Sunday in Ordinary Time – CEC Foundation Day (+Bp. Ricardo Alcaraz)
Sunday Worship Homily
“The Goal of Saving Men’s Lives”

1 Kings 19:15-16; 19-21
Galatians 5:19-25
Psalm 16
Luke 9:51-62

“To Follow the Lord effectively, we must consider His Kingdom purposes worthy of our commitment and priority.”

God Calls us according to His time and purpose.

1.(v.51-56) We must be committed to follow God and His purposes.
2.(v.57-62) We cannot be halfhearted in serving the Lord

Malachi 3 – The Coming Messengers – Whoever responds to the call

2 Kings 17:24

– As the day of God approaches, we(Christians) are also called to a more committed life in the Church.

– The foundation of His throne is righteousness and truth
– Follow God without expecting anything in return.! (v.58)
– You do not delay following God. (v.59)
– The only way to follow God is moving forward! no looking back. (v.61-62)

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