October 9, 2016 – 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time (+Bp. Ricardo Alcaraz)
Sunday Worship Homily
“The Goal of Being Ever Thankful”

“Always take time to give the Lord thanks for what He has given to and done for us.”

2 Kings 5:8-15 – We are to be obedient to God especially in following His instructions. When we get our miracles, never forget to thank Him.

2 Timothy 2:8-13 – In Christ, we must remain steadfast, sober-minded, disciplined and diligent.

Psalm 111

Luke 17:11-19

  1. (v.11-14) Merciful and gracious God sees us in our needs.
  2. (v.15-19) Don’t take His blessings for granted but give thanks to Him.

“Faith and obedience always come together.”

“How much do we value what God has done for us?”

“Thanksgiving to God is important! We thank Him with our lives; We serve Him, We worship Him!”

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