August 20, 2017, 20th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Proper 15)
Theme: “The Family of God: With the Faith for Works of Healing”
Homily by Abp. Ricardo Alcaraz

“As His Mercy reaches towards us, our faith should reach out towards Him.”

Isaiah 56:1-8

Romans 11:25-32

Psalm 67

Matthew 15:21-28

1.(v.21-23) God’s Mercy opens the way to Him.

2.(v.24-26) Faith with Humility is how we respond to His Mercy

3.(v.27-28) Great faith perseveres in holding on to His unfailing mercies.

“Faith for works of healing is also the faith for the meeting of every need.”

“God’s mercy extends to those who are willing to accept His covenant.”

“God is always willing to forgive anyone who is willing to return to Him in humility and repentance.”

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