September 17, 2017, 24th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Proper 19)
Theme: “The Family of God: Forgiving As We’ve Been Forgiven”
Homily by Abp. Ricardo Alcaraz

“Refusing to forgive others is to walk away from your own forgiveness.”

Genesis 50:15-21 – God expects us to be merciful to others as He is merciful to us.

Romans 14:9-12

Psalm 103:1-3;8-13

Matthew 18: 21-35

“Forgiveness is God’s grace.”

1.(v.21-27) The Lord has granted us abundant grace and mercy.

2.(v.28-35) Refusing to forgive others cancels our own forgiveness.

“Forgive from the Heart! For His grace and mercy to work for us.”