Go and Proclaim: “Show Forth CHRIST Compassion to One Another”

First Reading: Genesis 50: 15-21

Responsorial Psalm: Psalm 103: 1-3; 8-10; 11-13

Second Reading: Romans 14: 9-12

Gospel Reading: Matthew 18: 21-35



“Not all who have forgiven are forgiving.”

Our anger and resentments are one of the most ailing things that hurt so many souls. And oftentimes, it’s the people we love most that can hurt us much. But Jesus teaches us how to overcome this.

When we allow the offenses of other people to linger in our life, we allow them to define and mold who we are. Instead, let the grace, and mercy, and goodness of God to establish our life. Let go of all the hurts that other people cause in us in order to have peace, not for their sakes but first, for ourselves. Forgiveness is not about feeling good; it is a practice. And God wants us to learn to endure the pain but we should not allow it to stay longer in our hearts so that it will not harm us.

The first reading teaches us that whatever circumstances happen in our lives, it would never change the plans and purposes of God. The gifts and callings of God are irrevocable. What others meant for evil, God will always turn it around and use for our good. Just like Joseph, we should be mindful of what God has done for us.

Our second reading tells us not to stand in judgement of others. We will all be standing in front of God on judgement day. What we extend to other people will be the same measure God will extend to us.

The Gospel reading teaches us not to allow anger and resentment to stay longer in our hearts, for if we do so, it will be hard to forgive and will destroy our life. We cannot pray to God if we have a hard and unforgiving heart; and we cannot receive many things in our life if we have not asked. Jesus, in the gospel today teaches us how to forgive our brothers. Just as our Father does not keep account of our debts and trespasses, so we must also forgive our brothers and sisters as many times as needed. For what we have receive from Him, it will come out in our life. The reason why we cannot receive what He has given, is that we don’t accept it.

As Christians, we are forgiven; therefore, let us accept it and let it flow in our lives. If we really know and realize what God has done in our lives, His grace will mold our life. If you still struggle to forgive someone, it’s because you find it hard to accept what God has given to you. It requires complete humility to accept God’s forgiveness, but it will give also fullness of peace in your life.

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