Third Sunday of Easter

Theme : Resurrected Christ, Restores Our Hope

First Reading: Acts 9: 1-16

Psalm Reading: Psalm 30

Second Reading: Revelations :11-13

Gospel Reading: John 21:1-14

Homily by Fr. Erel Villanueva


In one resurrection appearance, our Risen Lord instructed the ladies to tell His disciples to see Him at sea of Galilee . His purpose was to restore their shattered faith and confidence, to give them a fresh look at their mission and calling, and to assure them of His willingness to keep working with them, that He is not yet finished with them.

He will meet them at Sea of Tiberias better known as Sea of Galilee. This where it all started and where they had witnessed the power of God in action, the calming of the storm surge, walking in the water, feeding the thousands and more. May their recollection of this past events remind them of their original calling. That is why this is where He also wanted to tell them, “I am Jesus and I am Risen.

In their failure to catch fish, He demonstrated His power as they trusted and obeyed His instruction, proving that He is the Creator of the universe including the fish.

Then at last, they recognized Him. He invited them for breakfast, a sign of restored relationship. The fish and bread symbolizes the covenant meal. There, I believe, their spiritual eyes and hearts were opened. In their encounter with the Risen Lord and in the breaking of the bread, they were transformed and restored to serve the Lord.

Their faith was rekindled, and with brand new strength, brand new beginning, they were highly motivated to move on and fulfill their purpose in life. Look at the Book of Acts. This is what Easter is all about, transformation, restoration and celebration of our salvation. Halleluia!

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