July 4, 2021, 14th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Theme: “Living in Christ: Focus on Mission”

Homily by Fr. Andy Ilustre

First Reading: Ezekiel 2: 1- 7

Second Reading: 2 Corinthians 12: 2-10

Responsorial Psalm: Psalm 48: 1-5; 9- 11

Gospel Reading: Mark 6: 1- 6

Today’s Gospel reading centered on this message: “Relying on God’s Grace, Continuing to Serve God, Despite Oppositions”

Living in Christ means embracing His life, His works, and His ministry. “The ministry of Jesus is marked by teachings and mighty works. He showed us clearly how to live that life God wanted us to ive. His teachings have brought that great impact to people that even those we considered least, was greatly amazed by His deeds.

Yet, along these ways, He Himself encountered resistance and oppositions from His own town and family. He experienced rejections from His own kin, because He was known as “just a son of a carpenter”. Here, we can relate to the common mistakes we often made while doing our missions in life too. We tend to look ourselves or someone to our human level and dragging God on our own terms. Which is very wrong! “We need to accept God on His terms and allow ourselves to walk with Him” in carrying our missions and purposes.

Giving God the highest reverence allows us also to have that “healthy breeding atmosphere to grow our faith in Him”. It is of very importance that we need to nurture our faith, by honouring Him with our good works and showing Him our obedience. Our faith in Him then, will give us strength to overcome obstacles and oppositions while working on with our own ministries.

Lastly, Fr. Andy quoted this Gospel reading with these key points:

1) Do not allow the oppositions to discourage you in doing your missions; and

2) Continue to have faith in God and persevere in faithfulness in obeying Him.

Jesus live His life on earth doing ministry of preachings and teachings. A life He wanted us to do also. And that is ALL our missions too!


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