February 28, 2021, 2nd Sunday of Lent

Theme: “Living in Christ: Dying to Ourselves”

Homily by Fr. Erel Villanueva

Old Testament Proclamation: Genesis 17: 1-7; 15-16

Responsorial Psalm : Psalm 22: 22- 31

New Testament Proclamation: Romans 4: 13- 18

Gospel Proclamation: Mark 8: 31-38

Jesus talks about the criteria of following HIM – by putting Him first. A true disciple is the one who follow Jesus.


1. Deny ourselves- put Him first over ourselves. Deny our ambition, our plans, our whole being. Deny- means to surrender. As disciple of Christ, we are willing to surrender our life, our will to Him. Before becoming a true Christian or a disciple, we must deny ourselves

2. Carry our Cross- identification with the suffering of Christ. We have to die for ourselves; die everyday for the gospel. We need to live day by day the life of Christ. In our decision we have to follow him daily. This is not a burden. Invest our life for the kingdom of God.

Continue do the following:

1. Giving- this will help us get rid of selfishness

2. Prayer- when we pray, grace works with us; more prayer more grace

3. Fasting- train to deny yourself of something; self control of ourselves.

As a disciple of Jesus, it is a MUST to live the life of Christ .

Homily Recap by Paz Indulo

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