Go and Proclaim: “Knowing Christ, walking in His authority”

21st Sunday of Ordinary Time – August 27, 2023

First Reading: Isaiah 51:1-6

Responsorial Psalm: Psalm 138:1-2, 3-5,6-7

Second Reading: Romans 12:1-8

Gospel Reading: Matthew 16:13-20

Fr. Jun started off his homily with a story about a King who wanted to know why Jesus died on the cross. He wanted to convert to Christianity but wanted to understand the reason for this first. He asked some of the smartest scholars and philosophers and they gave him theological answers but yet he was not satisfied.

In his frustration, he went out of the castle and there he met a boy. He asked the same question to the little boy and his answer finally satisfied him. “He died on the cross because He loves me.”

In the Gospel today, Jesus asked His disciples a very important question. He does this so that we can use our mind. The answers to our deepest longings are placed in our hearts. We will never grow into maturity if we don’t ask ourselves these important questions.

Jesus asked them “Who do men say that I am,” and then asked them again, “Who do YOU say that I am?” This is where Simon Peter answered and said “You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God.” In this instance, Peter did not realize yet that the Father was already talking to him for Jesus said that it was the Father that revealed this truth to him.

Sometimes the Father talks to us yet we are unaware. We need to see that God wants to deal with us. It gives Him so much delight when we talk to Him.

When we are posed with the question “Who is Jesus to you,” what is the answer that is alive in our hearts? It is important to know who He is in your life so you can also see who you are to Him. All the theology in the world is nothing compared to knowing Him personally in your heart.

Jesus is simply not a subject to be studied. Jesus is a person, so if you want to know Him better, you need to have a relationship with Him. When you have a relationship with Him, you will develop a heart like His.

When Simon Peter gave that answer, his name was changed from Simon to Peter. This changed name signifies new life. If you develop a relationship with Christ, it will change you. All we need to do is to know Jesus.

Know Him through scripture, through participation in the life of the Church, and through the poor. There is something about the poor that will open our eyes to see Christ.

Finally, when Jesus gave Peter the Keys of the Kingdom, he was given power. Wherever God puts you is where you are to live the life God wants you to live. True power that changes the world is within those who know Christ.


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