Palm Sunday April 2, 2023

Theme: Go and Proclaim: “The King’s Passion is for our Salvation”

First Reading: Philippians 2 : 5- 11

Passion Gospel: Luke 22: 19- 23 : 49

Hosanna! Blessed is He Who comes in the Name of the Lord!

Every year, we celebrate Palm Sunday and we’ve been hearing over and over this proclamation in our Gospel when Jesus was entering Jerusalem. We commemorate this Triumphant entry of Jesus by participating and joining in the event so that we may have a glimpse of how it was that time.

Today, Father Jun wants us to focus on this proclamation. “Hosanna” means “Salvation has come.” People were shouting with joy as they welcomed the King saying “Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord”. To come in the name of the Lord means, “to bring the message of the Lord” – a prophet. And yes, people know that Jesus is more than a Prophet. He comes not just to speak the message of God but to represent God Himself. People knew then that Jesus is the Son of God, that He is a King. That is why they were rejoicing with palm in their hands, for the King has entered their place. But then a few days after, the same people who welcomed Him are the same people who condemned Him. Now, the question is: Are we like them or better than them?

Sometimes we fail to realize that Jesus is King. We proclaim Him with our mouth, but we crucify Him with our deeds. We know He is God our Saviour, but when He knocks at our heart as King, we do not open it for Him. Understand then, that when we invite Jesus to come, we should be ready to allow Him first to come in to our heart as King. Every day, Jesus stands at the door of our hearts, knocking, for He wants to enter our life. But we need to understand also that once He enters, He is the King and the ruler of our life. And this is one that often confronts us as humans, for we do not like to be ruled by someone. Jesus will never force us nor insist on coming in to our lives, unless we invite, allow, and welcome Him. Only when we allow Him in will our lives truly transform.

Jesus as King will not just be a great Provider; He is a Ruler, and He will rule our life with justice and righteousness. Yes, we are not perfect, we continue to sin. But the challenge when we let Jesus reign in our heart is to do the right thing and live the right way!

Realize also church, that a transformed life is the product of being born again. And to be born again – there must be repentance. And repentance must have fruits in our life. To receive Jesus as Lord and King of our life, there must be fruits that will come out – and that is change. We need to change our life! A transformed life also is beyond just praying – it is more of obedience. Obeying the Ruler of our life. Therefore, we should not tolerate sin (hatred, anger and unforgiveness) for we have a merciful Father.

So this Lenten season, let us reflect on the same question that struck Father Jun: “Would you allow Jesus to enter your heart as King?

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