CEC Foundation Day

Theme: Understanding The Urgency Of God’s Work

First Reading: 1 Kings 19:15-16

Responsorial Psalm: Psalm 16:1-11

Second Reading: Galatians 5:19-25

Gospel Reading: Luke 9:51-62

Homily by Fr. Romie Jun Peñalosa

“What we do in the church is reflective of the work being done in the Kingdom of God.”

Today is the ICCEC Foundation Day and we highlight it by giving our foundation offering for use in the different CEC churches. Father Jun reminded us that the church is involved in the mission of not only preaching the gospel to the world but also “Making visible the void.” This means that in our lives; the Word must be evident, it should be seen in our daily life.

Points to remember in today’s Gospel:

  1. The work of the Kingdom is so important that we need to give utmost attention to it. Everything that is assigned to us, everything in the work in the Kingdom is very important to God. “Walang maliit na bagay pagdating sa Diyos.” It may not be important in the eyes of people, but not in the eyes of God especially if it is for the work of His kingdom.
  2. The work of the Kingdom is so urgent, that we need to give immediate response. Remember, our life here on earth has an end. The moment we were born here, our clock started to tick for our countdown. We often think we have a lifetime here, but if you really think about it, our time is limited. In the Kingdom of God, we don’t have the luxury of time, therefore we need to respond always with urgency in fulfilling His works. Pay attention, do not delay, and respond immediately. Even Jesus has shown this to us, He focused, He never allowed His emotions to distract Him and continued on His mission with urgency.

The following are the common hindrances that prevent us from responding immediately whenever God calls us to work for Him. First, our attachment to comfort and convenience. To follow Christ is not about living a life of convenience and comfort. Do not wait for the most convenient time to do what God wants you to do. Second hindrance is our wrong priorities. When we receive Christ in our lives, set your mind on Him already. He should be the most important in your life. Third hindrance is our willingness to break ties. Break ties with people, with past and other things that will hinder you. Be ready to let go. Let us not be distracted by too much attachment with people or things that hinder us in acting immediately to God. God knows exactly and understands what we’re going through when we need to sacrifice certain things in order to do His works. Know that by prioritizing what God asked you to do, He is preparing something greater for us for there is no “little matter” in His kingdom.

We also need to remember that when we do work for the Kingdom of God, we should not allow our emotions, our personal grievances, our pride and ego to deter us in doing the works of God. Attitude is everything when doing the works of God. Having the wrong attitude will only disqualify us in doing what God wanted for His kingdom. The work of God is personal, but it should not be done individually; it should pave the way for us to work together and foster spirituality.

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