Third Sunday After Epiphany

Theme: Called by God, Instruments of Salvation

Homily by Fr. Andy Ilustre

First Reading: Nehemiah 8: 1-4a, 5-10

Psalm Reading: Psalm 19

Second Reading: 1 Corinthians 12: 12-20

Gospel Reading: Luke 4: 14-21

The Holy Spirit was given to us to do the work of Christ. Like the apostles who went out into the world and taught in all the nations, we should not stop doing Christ’s work until He comes back again.

It says in verse 18, that “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me”. The Holy Spirit was at work in Christ’s life. Also, it is the same spirit that is in us, the same spirit that guided and helped Christ. It is also said in verse 18 that the Spirit anointed Him to preach the Gospel. The Gospel includes the good news of salvation and because of God’s salvation, we have received the right to become His sons and daughters.

With the Holy Spirit comes a mandate, a mandate to preach the gospel to the poor. Poor in the knowledge and understanding of the love and grace of God. That is why we should share the good news of the gospel and enlighten them with God’s love.

Also, we have the ability to heal the brokenhearted and those who were set apart and give light to those who are blind to God’s word and those who chose to be in darkness.

This is the task that the Holy Spirit has called us to do. Especially in this time, where it is the time of darkness. God calls us to become an instrument of salvation, hope, and life, knowing that the Holy Spirit is with us and is working with us.

Homily Recap by Sis Sally Illustre

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