Third Sunday in Lent

First Reading: Isaiah 55: 1-9

Psalm Reading: Psalm 103

Second Reading: 1 Corinthians 10: 1- 12

Gospel Reading:  Luke 13: 1- 9

If Lent is focused on Repentance, it is the most joyful thing that could happen in a person. It is a season when people are changing and becoming more conformed to the image of God.

It is also a time of becoming serious with our relationship with God. God is looking a changed life, a transformed life. Lent is a journey, a pilgrimage that brings us into a deeper awareness that Christ is in us. Seeing Christ will help us know who Christ in us.

Our response to the mercy of God is REPENTANCE. It is to change our life according to what God has given us. Jesus is reminding us not to be judgmental. However, He is warning us, “Unless you repent you will all likewise perish.”

Everything that God does has a purpose, including our life. God compares us to a tree. Our life is planted by the Lord. He is looking for fruits in our life, fruits of new life, fruits of repentance, a transformed life.

Fruits will only come if we will change. We need to respond to God’s mercy. Repentance in our life, is what God is looking from us. Repentance is not only turning away from sin, but turning to God.

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